About me

I am Software Engineering Master student living in Munich.
I like programming and finding solutions to difficult problems.
When I don’t code I like to travel, ride my motorbike or take pictures with my film camera.

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Software Engineering Elite Graduate Program (Master) 2020 - now

TU Munich, LMU, Universität Augsburg

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The Software Engineering Elite Graduate Program provides a unique learning opportunity with allowing only 16 students per year. I am currently taking a variety of courses from “modelling, specification and verification of reactive systems” to “database implementations”. I will receive my Master egree in 2022.

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IT Systems Engineering (Bachelor) 2016 - 2019


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My bachelor studies included a broad range of topics around computer science and software engineering. I particularly enjoyed the theoretical classes as I loved finding solutions to hard problems in the exercises. For my bachelors project I used process modelling and execution tools to optimise the delivery of parcels on the last mile to the receiver.

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Celonis 2021 - now

Munich, Germany

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I am a software engineering working student in the SaolaDB team at Celonis. The SaolaDB is a fast in-memory database built for business processes, that allows customers to use the PQL language for process mining. I am currently working on the Java Spring microservices responsible for delivering fast and reliable access to the database while scaling to the large number of new customers.


Koppla 2020

Potsdam, Germany (Remote)

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At Koppla I was working on the GraphQL backend using TypeScript. I developed new features in a test driven environment and helped transitioning from a monolithic architecture to Microservices. Specifically I was responsible for designing and developing the notification Microservice, which delivered push notifications to the customer apps.


SAP 2019-2020

Palo Alto, California

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As a software engineering intern at SAP Labs Silicon Valley I helped develop an internal prototype for improving the hiring process at SAP. In cooperation with local hiring managers we built an application, using SAP process automation tools on SAP Cloud Platform, to automate manual tasks, improve transparency for applicants and provide analytics to the Talent Acquisition team at SAP.

Homepage 2017-2018

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Using an agile approach our team of four developers created web projects for a variety of customers. I specialised in front end development using Angular and JQuery. Amongst other things I built a tool to create and sign PDF documents online and a single page ticket shop for an event agency.



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Colaboration and Version Control for your Spotify playlists.


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(Archived) Integrate your time tracking with Toggl in your project management with GitKraken Boards.

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